Hi there. I’m Melanie.

Longing to be an encouragement to the world, this site exists as my creative outlet and a place to generate awareness. 

I am married to the love of my life with five children. The last decade we have walked through it all from wild parenting adventures, adoption, international missions, mental health transformations and cultivating an intentional life. 

I am most alive when discovering the world, challenging presumptions, documenting family life and authoring authentic interactions which help us all become stronger as parents, spouses, siblings and friends.  Trusting the many God ordained moments of my life has lead me to fully embrace the gift of connection, reflection, sharing and story. 

I’m glad you have found yourself here.  

He Could Be My Son

I am a caucasian mother of a son of color. My son jogs and may even "haul ass" through city and neighborhood streets alike. My son is an immigrant. My son is 24 and is currently working on the front lines as a grocery manager to provide support during this pandemic....

What I Want You To Know

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is at it again. He is desecrating the highest office in the land with a televangelist style of mistruth and over reaching narcissism. Note: Ethiopia is close to home for us. In his latest rally in Ohio, Trump flexes to...

Chapa Women

Chapa Women

To many, waiting is wasting. To God, waiting is working.  I love this quote by Louie Giglio.  Sometimes the hardest lesson in championing people in hard places is realizing that we must act and then get out of the way and wait. Two and a half years ago I was fortunate...

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