These little hands outstretched are the perfect metaphor for our time spent at the Chapa Carepoint in Ethiopia. There is so much connection when we visit the children we have all mentored and nurtured from afar via sponsorship.  We are grateful for your continued support of the children, caregivers and Children’s Hopechest staff who are a part of the programming that takes places at the Chapa Carepoint. It continues to be a place of refuge, hope and ultimately a place of transformation through your sponsorship and devotion.


Below you can read a post published in 2016 during our time at Chapa. It was remarkable to see the outpouring of love as those within our community stepped up to sponsor kids while we were still on the ground. Today we still need your support and we are asking for you to consider becoming a monthly sponsor of a Chapa kiddo who waits for a sponsor to call his or her own. Visit here to see who is available and feel free to message me with any questions. I’m happy to help.


Our Chapa Visit : June 2016


Did you know Children’s Hopechest develops highly relational, community to community partnerships between communities in North America and communities of orphaned and vulnerable children in EIGHT countries. Their work is sustainable, transformational and holistic. Long term change for the children sponsored is possible! We founded Begin With One after beginning our advocacy work with Children’s Hopechest within the rural Chapa community in Ethiopia.

Being in school in most developing countries represents protection and gives children a purpose and a place to be each day. While to many this may not sound important it is a vital piece of the overall health and wellness of a child and in many village communities the sponsored child who attends school is protected from early child marriage (often as young as 14). We have been told that the children in school are far less likely to stray from family, become hard laborers at a very early age which often stunts growth or perhaps even leave the family in search of a better opportunity.  In Ethiopia once a child migrates from the countryside into the large metropolis of Addis Ababa he or she is extremely vulnerable to those who trick children into indentured servitude and prostitution.  In Addis Ababa millions of children can be found living in squalor never able to return to family unless they end up in the hands of someone willing to help. It’s a vicious cycle driven by poverty.

There is hope in breaking the cycles of extreme poverty. During our visit to Ethiopia this week our team has been able to see firsthand the models of ministry that work to equip and empower those who so often only need a little hand to become empowered. It is beyond humbling to see the light among the darkness and meet those who are building bridges to allow grace and mercy to shine.   At the Chapa School/Carepoint {shown above} there are currently many children still available for sponsorship and we are dreaming big as a team that they will all be sponsored before we leave Ethiopia in just a few days. Sponsorship is just $45 a month and this week it was so evident just how life-giving your gift is to the children and the overall community of Chapa.