Six weeks ago we visited the border in El Paso, Texas, desperate to listen and learn and mindful that many citizens of El Paso were creating a network of welcome to support the increase in numbers of people seeking refuge. It was remarkable and humbling to be part of the compassion we witnessed through the coalition of organizations we visited and supported. It was life changing to see and meet those at our border seeking safety. I could not help but ask myself how I would want to be treated if I walked in their shoes. How would I want my children treated?

Since our return the topic of immigration has continued to explode with current administrative tactics, changes and opinions making many sick and saddened.  For me it has become a mission to learn all I can to further engage and inspire others to act. Those now detained and those waiting in Mexico, those who are being targeted by ICE and those currently fleeing violence, they are human beings with tragic stories of loss who are fighting to find hope. Their lives matter. Our words matter and our response to this humanitarian crisis matters. Please choose to see. Do not look away or become so burdened you fail to carefully listen and ultimately act.

Here is a list of ways you can help:

Freedom for Immigrants: An advocacy organization that sets up an immigration detention visitation program and national hotline. They manage a national detention bond fund which provides funds for those in detention in need of bonds to be released while fighting case.

The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services: {RAICES} They provide free and low cost legal services to underserved immigrant children and families in Central and South Texas. They are currently fielding lawsuits and complaints from families separated and detained.

American Immigration Council: They lead educational initiatives to help immigrants know their rights.

Project Corazon: Take a look at the travel fund they created to send lawyers to detention centers. This is run by the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation. You can donate airline miles to send pro bono attorneys to detention centers. The fund has sent 37 lawyers to refugee camps and detention centers so far.

HIAS: They provide emergency response programs to ensure that asylum seekers have access to legal representation. In March 2019 several delegations of pro bono attorneys traveled to the border.  They engage in Asylum advocacy in Washington, DC  to reverse the Administration’s Zero Tolerance policy.

Kids In Need of Defense {KIND} is working in partnership with HIAS. They provide legal representation to those forcibly separated at the border.

Texas Civil Rights Project: Texas lawyers for Texas communities currently working to provide legal advice and translation to families detained at our border.

The Florence Project: They provide fee legal aid to those detained in Arizona. They estimate 86% of those detained have no access to legal representation.

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights: They promote the best care of unaccompanied immigrant children.

Women’s Refugee Commission: They advocate for the rights and protection of women and youth fleeing violence and persecution.

Families Belong Together: They fight for common sense immigration policies and reuniting families.

Annunciation House: An EL Paso non profit organizing temporary shelter for immigrants.

Informed Immigrant: They exisit to help all immigrants understand their rights in the event they encounter immigration enforcement.

National Immigration Law Center:   They support advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.

Innovative Law Lab: They build tools to improve immigration representation and due process.

Michigan Immigrant Rights Center: A legal resource center for Michigan’s immigrant communities.


Speak up.


Educate yourself and others.